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 Special Needs Estate Planning & Asset Protection Services

Ensuring your loved ones' well-being, especially those with disabilities requiring extra care, is crucial.  An Estate Plan with a Special Needs Trust secures their future in your absence, as well as protecting their government benefits, giving you total peace of mind.

At LADIES IN LAW®, we are experts in Special Needs Estate Planning and Asset Protection law.  We know how to make sure your disabled child or loved one maintains essential government assistance, while also providing them with an inheritance and additional resources to live a fulfilled life.

How Can A Special Needs Attorney Help & Why Set Up A Special Needs Trust?

A Special Needs Trust provides assets for those with disabilities, and ensures that these assets don't negatively impact the individual's eligibility for government benefits, such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income. Without an Estate Plan and Special Needs Trust, assets given to a special needs person could disqualify them from receiving much needed state assistance, or be used to repay benefit providers. Special Needs Estate Planning allows for improved care, therapy options, recreational activities, and some independence, all while preserving financial resources

Here are some of the top services a Special Needs Trust can help with:

Preserve Government Benefits

A Special Needs Trust shields assets from impacting eligibility for essential government programs, so disabled Michigan residents can access benefits like SSI and Medicaid without their Trust assets being factored into their eligibility assessments.

Financial Security

By safeguarding assets in a Trust, financial stability for the special needs individual is secured the moment the Trust is established. This security extends to having funds available for unforeseen needs or emergencies long after you are gone.

Customizable Care & Support

Special Needs Trusts are flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the beneficiary. This customization ensures that care and support services are aligned with the individual's unique requirements.

Enhanced Quality of Life

A Special Needs Trust can cover expenses for therapies, recreational activities, and other life-enhancing services not provided by government assistance. This support goes beyond basic needs, offering opportunities for enrichment and personal growth.

Personal Independence

Resources from the Special Needs Trust can be used from the Trust to support independence, such as adaptive technology or personal care assistance. This fosters a sense of autonomy and self-reliance in individuals with disabilities.

Asset Protection & Management

A Special Needs Trust provides a structured way to manage and protect assets for the benefit of someone with special needs. With the guidance of a trustee, resources are used wisely and with the beneficiary's best interests in mind.

About Estate Planning For Special Needs Individuals

Estate planning for children with Special Needs involves financial, social, and medical considerations. LADIES IN LAW® specializes in creating detailed plans to ensure:


  • Care by trusted individuals.

  • Inheritance structured to maintain government assistance eligibility.

  • Smooth family transitions with a reliable attorney.

  • Regular reviews for changing needs.


Special Needs planning, essential for maintaining government benefit eligibility, typically includes a Special Needs Trust. This Trust must be carefully structured to keep Trust funds separate from benefits, with a responsible trustee managing it. Integrating special needs planning into your estate strategy ensures sufficient funding and care for your disabled child.

Special Needs Planning also includes a Will that allows you to choose the guardian, in your absence, to take care of your loved one, along with a Special Needs Trust to ensure the assets meant to care for them, are always used for their benefit.

Why Choose LADIES IN LAW®?

  • Co-Owner, Ameena Sheikh, has first-hand, personal experience with her special needs siblings, and has made it her mission to become an expert in Special Needs Estate Planning. Ameena knows that the legal industry tends to miss the mark on providing specialized care and attention to Special Needs Planning & Trusts, and especially failing to consider the impact of every decision when supporting a disabled individual. Only those that have truly lived though it can be true specialists.

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