ladies in law

We are "not your average lawyers.Upon teaming up, we knew that we were breaking down barriers by creating a unique law firm authentic to our personalities. This coupled with the fact that we come from diverse backgrounds made us realize our story could impact people everywhere. While Ladies in Law™ is rooted in our personal experience, the mission transcends us. 

Mission Statement

Ladies in Law empower people across the world to be their authentic selves.

Vision Statement

We empower people across the world to be their authentic selves. We believe a person should never try to fit into a mold set by someone else.

We ECELencourage people to work together, challenge traditional expectations, educate others and live life to the fullest.

As part of educating others, we have a legal radio show on HOT 107.5 Detroit every Sunday at 10AM ET. We also have a legal talk show on social media. Check out our Instagram and YouTube videos every Thursday at 3PM ET!

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