our story

Jasmine D. Rippy and Ameena R. Sheikh (pronounced "shake") are the founders of The Rippy + Sheikh Law Firm PC.  These two powerhouse Ladies in Law® are from diverse and unique backgrounds, but have come together with one unified goal – providing the highest level of legal services to their clients. 

Jasmine was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio but her family's roots are Southern.  Jasmine's grandparents grew up in Salisbury, North Carolina during the Jim Crow era and moved to Cleveland to seek a better quality of life for themselves and their children.  This hard work and perseverance enabled Jasmine's father to become an attorney – something that Jasmine always aspired to do.  She remembers watching in awe as her father argued during trial, admiring as he artfully articulated arguments and caught witnesses in lies during cross-examination.  

Jasmine's desire to experience life closer to her family's roots led her to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for undergraduate studies, where she kept her eye on law by majoring in Political Science.  Jasmine returned to Ohio for law school, attending the University of Toledo College of Law on a full academic scholarship.  In law school she was a top student, much of which she achieved due to learning from her grandparents’ and father’s dedication.  Jasmine earned the highest grade in four of her classes and graduated magna cum laude.  Jasmine was also awarded Order of the Coif by the law faculty, which goes to students graduating in the top 10% of their class.

After law school, Jasmine got a job at one of the top law firms in Detroit. Having experienced life in the South and Midwest, Jasmine was eager to come to Detroit and experience the city's growth and new opportunities.  She quickly immersed herself in


Jasmine enjoys indoor gardening and has over 15 plants!

Detroit culture, becoming a part of what she believes to be one of the best cities.  While at the firm, Jasmine represented financial institutions and large corporations in finance and corporate matters.  Coincidence or luck, either one, this is also where she met her colleague and future law partner, Ameena. The two of them immediately developed a friendship, realizing they have similar goals and values.  Jasmine and Ameena were both members of the firm's diversity committee, actively sought out pro bono cases and mentored underprivileged children.  After a few years of working at the firm, Jasmine decided to pursue her passion of starting her own law firm geared toward helping individuals.  She focused on criminal defense and traffic/license matters.


Ameena enjoys spending time with her 4-pound yorkie, Barney!

Ameena was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky where she grew up with equally strong Southern roots from her mother and Pakistani roots from her father.  With such unique perspectives from her diverse parents, Ameena has always had a passion to explore the world and understand different cultures.  Fortunately, during high school, Ameena’s ice-skating career moved her to Detroit, where, unlike Kentucky, she was exposed to a diverse community.  In Detroit, Ameena trained as a nationally and internationally ranked skater on Team USA.  These critical years shaped her understanding of what dedication, sacrifice and perseverance truly mean, which she has continued to apply in all aspects of her life, especially in providing legal services.

Ameena began her higher education at Oakland University’s Honors College where she received a full academic scholarship.  There, Ameena explored her diverse background, completing a thesis project that took her to Morocco where she studied Arabic language and society. After graduating magna cum laude, Ameena attended Wayne State University Law School, located in the heart of Detroit, where she also received a full academic scholarship.  During her time in law school, Ameena discovered her passion for social justice and the art of balancing intellectual and emotional arguments. These interests enabled Ameena to excel in law school and accomplish several impressive achievements, including winning her school’s oral advocacy competition and being awarded the esteemed Order of the Coif by the law faculty.  After graduating in the top of

her class, Ameena also began working at the same prominent law firm as Jasmine.  Despite the law firm teaching her critical skills, Ameena, like Jasmine, decided that large corporate law was not her passion.  Instead, Ameena’s adventurous spirit led her to California where she also became licensed to practice law and worked for a small boutique law firm specializing in family law and criminal defense.  There, Ameena rediscovered why she loved the law – helping people.  Yet, Ameena was still not fulfilled.  She needed to return to Detroit, the place that built her and that she called home. When Ameena returned to Detroit, she teamed up with Jasmine to form The Rippy + Sheikh Law Firm PC.


Jasmine and Ameena take pride in their dedication to hard work and sacrifice by providing the highest quality of legal services to each and every client.  In addition, Jasmine and Ameena have an appreciation for and value diversity as well as giving back to their community.  Ameena is a board member of Figure Skating in Detroit, a non-profit organization serving girls of color by combining leadership and academic programs with figure skating training.  Jasmine is on the board of the Michigan Arthritis Foundation.