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The only way to guarantee your Legacy Plan is complete, is for it to be executed. Execution is the process of signing, notarizing, and dating your Legacy Planning documents.

LADIES IN LAW® can execute your entire Legacy Plan for a flat fee of $100. We provide 2 witnesses and a licensed in-house notary to handle the signing and completion of your documents.


LADIES IN LAW® takes a full-service approach to Legacy Planning. We help you every step of the way so that

If you come to us, you should not have to go through probate court.


Let us take charge and give you peace of mind.

Learn about our other services:


 Legacy Planning Packages allow you to bundle all the documents you need, saving you time and money.

A la Carte

Our A la Carte option allows you to pick the exact Legacy Planning documents and services you need.

Trust Funding

We can also help you fund your Trust, by transferring real property or business interests into your Trust.

Maintenance Plans

A LADIES IN LAW® Maintenance Plan allows you keep your Legacy Plan up to date for years to come.

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