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maintenance plans

Although your Legacy Plan is complete after you execute and finalize it, you will likely need to update your documents in the future. It is important to maintain your Legacy Plan so it always reflects the most up-to-date information.


Your Legacy Plan should be updated when major life changes occur, such as:

  • Marriage

  • Divorce

  • Birth or adoption of a new child

  • Retirement

  • Moving to a new state

  • Receiving an inheritance

  • Buying property

  • Starting or selling a business

  • Person in your Legacy Plan dies

Minor Amendments to your Legacy Plan are contact information changes, such as:

  • Address change

  • Name change

  • Phone number change

Major Amendments to your Legacy Plan include:

  • Change in beneficiaries

  • Change in medical directives

  • Change in asset disbursements/distributions

LADIES IN LAW® offers multiple pre-paid maintenance options to help you keep your Legacy Plan up-to-date.

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LADIES IN LAW® takes a full-service approach to Legacy Planning. We help you every step of the way so that if you come to us, you should not have to go through probate court.


Let us take charge and give you peace of mind.

Learn about our other services:


 Legacy Planning Packages allow you to bundle all the documents you need, saving you time and money.

A la Carte

Our A la Carte option allows you to pick the exact Legacy Planning documents and services you need.

Trust Funding

We can also help you fund your Trust, by transferring real property or business interests into your Trust.


With our in-house notary, we can also execute and finalize your documents, giving you complete

peace of mind.

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